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How To Draw Grinch | Chibi Grinch | Christmas Art For Kids

With this video you can learn how to draw our chibi version of Grinch. We hope you're going to follow along with us! Enjoy!

Coloring page for Kids - How To Draw Chibi Grinch

The Grinch is depicted as a furry, green humanoid recluse living in seclusion on a cliff overlooking the cheerful and optimistic town of Whoville.

How To Draw How To Draw Chibi Grinch - Art Drawing for Kids

He deriving pleasure from spoiling other people's merriment. Aided by his pet dog, Max, he disguises himself as Santa Claus and breaks into the Whos' homes to steal their holiday decorations and gifts.

Step by step instruction: How To Draw Chibi Grinch

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I am the Grinch that stole Christmas... and I'm sorry. Grinch

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