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How To Draw Cuphead | Cuphead Game | Don't Deal With The Devil

With this video you can learn how to draw Cuphead who is a playable character and one of the two main protagonists of the 1930's style game Cuphead. Grab a marker and draw with us!

Coloring page for Kids - How To Draw Cuphead

Cuphead's head is a wide cup with what seems to be some sort of liquid inside, topped with a red and white striped bendy straw. His face consists eyes that are very close together and a small red nose. He always has a determined expression in the face of danger. He wears a black, long sleeved shirt, white gloves, red shorts, and brown boots.

How To Draw How To Draw Cuphead - Art Drawing for Kids

Cuphead is shown to be the more confident, fun-loving and slightly cheeky type, (in contrast to his twin brother Mugman) often taking quite the amount of risks. Cuphead also seems to have a slightly greedy personality, where he's willing to risk anything to get them, causing the infamous bet which nearly cost the souls of him and his brother.

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