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How To Draw King Dice Chibi From Cuphead

Hi everyone! Today you can learn how to draw King Dice (Chibi). King Dice is a villainous character in the run-and-gun platformer game Cuphead. He is the right-hand man of The Devil. He also serves as a gatekeeper between overworlds, only allowing Cuphead and Mugman to pass when they turn in every contract to him.

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King Dice is a tall humanoid being with a dice head, with each side of his head being a number that would be on a dice, with the "One" side acting as his face (the dot being his nose). He wears white gloves, purple shoes, and a purple tuxedo with a purple bowtie. He also appears to have a mustache and green eyes that he shows whenever he acts serious in a wicked manner.

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Our King Dice is a Chibi version of himself, so he's much easier to draw. We will show you how to draw him with step-by-step tutorials. Grab a marker and draw with us! We hope that you'll enjoy our work.

Step by step instruction: How to Draw King Dice Chibi

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So clever, so dapper, ya betta' believe this dice is loaded. Hi-de-ho! King Dice, Death screen

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