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How To Draw Mugman | Cuphead Game

With this video you can learn how to draw Mugman who is a playable character and one of the two main protagonists of Cuphead. Grab a marker and draw with us!

Coloring page for Kids - How To Draw Mugman

Mugman is very similar in overall appearance to his brother Cuphead, with his head reminiscing a mug, wearing a black, long sleeved shirt, white gloves, blue shorts, and brown boots. What's different about Mugman's appearance compared to his brother is having a blue color scheme to replace Cuphead's red, a shorter straw, and a much bigger nose. His eyes are smaller than that of his brother. His head is also slightly thinner compared to that of his red brother.

How To Draw How To Draw Mugman - Art Drawing for Kids

Mugman's personality is shown to be careful and less rash compared to his brother. This is shown when he begs Cuphead to not make the deal with The Devil, as that would end up costing them their souls in the introduction.

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