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Learn How To Draw The Devil who is a character in Cuphead game. We hope you're going to follow along with us!

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The Devil serves as both the main antagonist of the game and the final boss. He is also specified to be the ruler of Inkwell Hell. The Devil has black fur, yellow eyes with red pupils, two horns on his head, gray hands and feet and large ears.

How To Draw How To Draw The Devil - Art Drawing for Kids

The Devil is a cruel and malevolent being that grants deals to anyone who asks in exchange for their soul and servitude. He can be a clever trickster as well, turning Cuphead and Mugman into his slaves despite agreeing to spare them if they hand over all of the soul contracts. He also lacks empathy towards everyone, including his own minions King Dice.

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You broke our it's my turn to break you!!! The Devil

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